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Communicate to Activate and Improve Care

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Communicates when, where and how patients want

Close the Loop with Your Patients at their Home

By communicating with patients how and when they want, they become an educated healthcare consumer. 

Woven's Care Communication services engages patients before and after the visit to optimize their care.

Complete CRA at Home
  • Appointment reminders

  • Calendar Invites

  • Alert provider if a diagnostic exam is needed

Electronic Result Delivery
  • Deliver Letter and Report

  • Customizable Delivery Schedule

  • Verified Delivery

Electronic Delivery of Follow Up Letter
  • Notify patient of any recommended follow ups

  • Remind patient to schedule their next exam.

Gain - 1200.png
Gain - 1200.png

Potential Gain / 100 patients

$100+  Reduced Paperwork
Eliminate the cost of printing, stuffing envelopes, and postage.  Woven delivers a visit reminder, results, and follow up via email and/or text and provides a robust audit trail of the delivery and patient response.

$200  1% Reduction in No-Shows

$200  1% Friends and Family Referral

$200  1% Screening young high risk patients

$500  1% Supplemental MRI  

Our Story

Woven was founded following the death of a family member.

Our Mission:  Every patient deserves to understand their diagnosis and be an active participate in their care.  

That's not always the case:

  • Patients forget 40% - 80% of what doctors tell them

  • 50% of what patients do remember is often incorrect

  • 84% of patients go online after a diagnosis

Research shows that activated and engaged patients participate more effectively in their care, adhere better to treatment plans, realize better outcomes, and reduce their costs. 

Woven is committed to activating every patient so that they can be better healthcare consumers

Woven is Secure

We take security seriously and leverage advanced technologies to protect your patients data

Every customer has their own database eliminating the possibility of co-mingling patient data

Wovens' two-factor sign in technology assures patients can easily and securely access their data

Patient data is encrypted at rest and in motion so that the patient data is protected

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